Writing articles for parenting magazines for school

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Read more. Writing a magazine, or feature, article differs from newspaper articles in that most magazines allow more space to develop a story (the article is longer) and more time to research it.

Writing for a news magazine most resembles newspaper articles. How to Write Magazine Articles and Essays. Share this: I’ve been writing articles since I was in high school, where I began my career by reviving the defunct school newspaper and went on to become the school news reporter for the local newspaper.

Since then, I’ve written for more than 45 local, national and international magazines. Learn about all the different aspects of child development: temperament, developmental tasks, ages and stages, maturity, situational factors, and much more.

Writing a story or poem or script for fun is light years away from writing a formal, structured research paper for school.

Write for Us, Share Your Hard-Earned Parenting Wisdom, Get Paid

Help your child remember the creative play of writing by setting aside time, perhaps on the weekends or in the evenings, to write for fun.

Writing articles for parenting magazines for school
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Personalize Your Parenting Writing: Building a Niche On Your Family’s Experiences