Writing a cv for tefl position in thailand

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English TEFL Program

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Teach in Thailand is assigned the responsibility to shortlist teachers for a Leading International school located in Bangkok. Shortlisted candidates will be sent an introductory email along with the school details and interview date.

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Example TEFL Resumes

Registration is free! If, however, you have your heart set on getting a job teaching English in a hotel somewhere in Thailand, these quick tips should help. Write a resume targeted towards hotels – If you want a job teaching in a hotel in Thailand, don’t just send your generic resume when you apply for a position with one.

Securing a place on a PGCE programme in the UK at a good university is no easy feat and many of my TEFL colleagues were teaching in Thailand in order to gain experience and to enhance their CV.

Little did they know, this was a walk in the park compared to what they would experience back home. Echo English Job description: Echo English has a teaching position (TEFL) in Kamphaengphet, Thailand, which starts immediately or ASAP. The school is situated in the lower northern region of Thailand, approximately halfway between Chang Mai and Bangkok.

To qualify for the guaranteed job placement in China, you must have a Bachelor’s degree, be aged between 22 to 60, hold a TEFL Certification, have the ability to obtain a clear background check, the ability to live abroad for at least one year.

Writing a cv for tefl position in thailand
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