Tips for writing a book from authors similar

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Publishing Your First Book: Advice for First-Time Authors

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The 5 Biggest Fiction Writing Mistakes (& How to Fix Them)

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What’s the Right Price for a Self-published Ebook? – 8 Tips on Pricing Kindle Ebooks

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And they’re in the same genre and have similar 3D bundle images, etc. Writing the Blurb (back cover copy) of your romance novel is the second most important selling tool you will have for your book, say’s Marilynn (author of at least a dozen romance novels).

She recommends that you seek your publishers guidelines as the blurb may vary in size and also format. Think of your favorite authors.

Wouldn’t you love to know what their writing nook looks like, whether it’s an office, a café, or some other place? Give your readers a peek into your world. This book is a very good primer for self-publishing on Kindle, and is very helpful as a stand-alone short read.

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The information on setting up your title in KDP was helpful, but having read most of Foster's books in this series, much of the other information was repeated (with less detail) from his other titles. 10 Book Writing Tips From Published Book Authors and Freelancers These book writing tips are from published book authors, freelance copywriters, and bloggers.

Fellow scribes, don’t yawn because you’ve heard these tips before! Mention books similar to yours (i.e. comparable titles). If no one book quite explains what a literary agent should expect, try using two (e.g., one that has a similar voice and another that is written in a similar .

Tips for writing a book from authors similar
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Tips & Inspiration from Romance Author’s | Romance Writing