Book report modern temper american culture and society 192

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The modern temper : American culture and society in the 1920s

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But saying nothing more of. THE MODERN TEMPER: American Culture and Society in the s User Review - Kirkus. An accessible yet thoroughly detailed account of a time in American history that seems very much like our own.

Get this from a library! The modern temper: American culture and society in the s. [Lynn Dumenil] -- "Lynn Dumenil brings a fresh interpretation to a dramatic, important, and misunderstood decade. As her lively work makes clear, changing values brought an end to the repressive Victorian era; urban.

In Reconnecting Culture.


the author elaborates an innovative conceptual and methodological framework through which new hybrid objects of study are creatively constructed. Liebau's book is for anyone who cares about what is going on in American culture -- parent or not. It is extremely well-written, well-researched, and filled with important information about how American culture is shaping the lives of young women in the modern age.

Book report modern temper american culture and society 192
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